COTTON PHOTOMore than 500,000 Nigerians would be employed in the textile industry when the Genetically Modified cotton is finally released into the market, Nigerian Textile Manufacturers Association has said.  The acting Director General of the group, Hamma Kwajaffa, said in a statement yesterday that the GM cotton would reposition the textile industry and create thousands of jobs in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

He said cotton farming in Nigeria over the years had suffered because the opportunity cost of planting cotton had remained high. “We view the recent submission of an application for the environmental release and placing in market of Genetically Modified insect protected (Bt) Cotton that can play an immense role in restoring attraction to cotton farming as well as reviving and repositioning the textile sector as a welcome development capable of reviving the entire industry,” he said. He commended the federal government for establishing the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), to help safeguard human health and environmental safety concerns that the introduction of GMO may generate among members of the public. READ MORE

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